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Important Announcement in respect of Melli Bank plc Hong Kong Branch

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has lifted of the restrictions which had been imposed on Melli Bank plc under section 52(1)(A) of the Hong Kong Banking Ordinance. Notes and further Guidance can be found here:


Important Announcement In relation To Sanctions

Melli Bank plc to resume its commercial banking operations

Melli Bank plc and its parent company Bank Melli Iran were removed from the list of sanctions on 16 January 2016 As a result, Melli Bank has been given regulatory go-ahead to resume its commercial banking operations in the UK and the EU. Notes and further Guidance can be found here:

Welcome to Melli Bank plc

Melli Bank plc is a UK incorporated bank, licensed and authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority and conforms to all UK accounting standards and disclosure requirements. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank Melli Iran, the largest bank in Iran which has had a presence in London since 1967. Melli Bank plc acquired the assets of the London branches of Bank Melli Iran upon commencement of its operations in January 2002.

Whilst retaining operational autonomy, flexibility and adaptability to respond to the rapidly changing customer demand and the challenges of a highly competitive and innovative banking market under direction of its independent Board, Melli Bank plc continues to benefit from the extensive infrastructure and widespread network of domestic and international branches owned by its parent in addition to access through its privileged position as a leading international bank in the economic and financial landscape of Iran.

As has been widely reported, the sanctions imposed upon Melli Bank plc were lifted on 16 January 2016. Consequently, Melli Bank plc is now taking the steps necessary to overcome the international challenges it faces to resume its banking operations so that it can once more offer a diversified portfolio of products and services to cater to the varying needs of its customers. The needs of the export business market are typically based around letters of credit and Melli Bank plc intends to provide all services in this regard i.e. advising, their confirmation, negotiation and payment and act as a reimbursing bank for other banks. Melli Bank plc will additionally be offering letter of credit and bill discounting services as well as issuing bonds and guarantees.

Melli Bank plc opened its first overseas branch in Hong Kong in April 2006 to cater to a client market in the Far East with strong trade links with the Iranian market. Melli Bank plc is currently in discussions with the Hong Kong monetary authorities to obtain permission for the resumption of its operations in Hong Kong.

The more complex needs of Melli Bank plc’s large corporate clients will be met by arranging syndicated and bilateral loans and specialist financing such as capital asset financing by way of aviation and shipping loans.

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